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Presulis Lodges

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discovering Prösels Castle and other attractions

Adventure awaits right outside your door! Prösels Castle was built in the late Gothic style and later extended and converted into a Renaissance castle by Leonhard von Völs, the Governor of Tyrol. The picture-perfect castle, which was originally called Castrum Presil, inspired the name of Presulis LODGES.

The castle is host to a large number of events throughout the year. The most popular of these is the summer festival, but seminars and conventions are also held within its walls, along with special events such as international board game tournaments and jousting festivals.

Presulis Lodges - Zeit für Spannendes

Guided tours through Prösels Castle

Presulis Lodges - Zeit für Spannendes

Wedding in the castle

Why not have your wedding in a genuine castle and fulfil your dreams of becoming a princess? Prösels Castle is a popular backdrop for couples from far and wide, and the chapel, courtyard and knights’ hall are also a perfect setting for all kinds of celebrations.

Guided tours through Prösels Castle are available from May to October. In summer, the tours are led by Knight Friedrich and Witch Martha, who will show you around the historic building and grounds – it’s all great fun, and not just for the children!